Another Escape pretty story about people and what they do.

And the most interesting thing, in my opinion, is a story it explains simple and common tales about now and then, no matter who, no matter when, just passioned people with uncommon interests.

Try to imagine a better story than a stranger creature swimming silent in a very big windy and foggy lake in a country of ruined castles and then try to imagine a person who care about that his entire life. Cause some people cares about that, of course. These are the stories I love to listen.

I'm completely agree about the fact that "there are always going to be people who see Loch Ness monsters, and there are going to be even more that believe in them, because we do not necessarily believe in the things we believe in on the basis of rationality. We believe things on the basis of narrative.

We like stories, and this is a good story."

Another pretty story in Another Escape

This wonderful photo belongs to Jamie Stoker